Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Personal: All Shades of Red

I knew as early as the 3rd grade. It was as clear as the blue sky. And although I have no idea how I knew, I knew. I felt it. And talked about it day in and day out. After keeping a picture of you folded inside the springs of my grad-school desk, practicing my name with yours in all my notebooks, and dialing your number for years only to hang up because of nerves, most people started to figure it out: I had a serious crush on you. One that wouldn't go away and one that I prayed nightly never would.

It took me years to turn your head...and while I'm not sure how I did it or what I did, I'm glad you looked. We have a history that is rare and a love that is rarer. I have no idea how I ended up so blessed, or how it's possibly that you still make me turn all shades of red when you walk into a room. But you do. You just always do.

Jason, you are my life. My Love. My everything-cheesy-in-a-love-song kinda man. I had no idea that at our 8 year anniversary, I'd be 8 months pregnant. This is SO SURREAL!! =) It's a new chapter that somewhat frightens me, if I'm being honest, but there is no one I'd rather walk this with than you. Thank you for making my life better than those years of dreaming what life would be like with you. Thank you for loving me more than I deserve.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

Our first "official" year together.


Anonymous August 4, 2011 at 9:01 PM  

Happy 8th Anniv. Jason and Shannon, you two are what keeps me thinking that love really does exist. I can not wait to see the baby. Love Sheila

Shalynne Imaging Photography August 9, 2011 at 11:16 AM  

Thanks Sheila! Jason keeps me believing in that too. =)

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